April 21, 2020


Real Estate Marketing and COVID-19

The state of Florida has deemed Real Estate an essential service. To ensure that every precaution is being respected, Real Estate professionals have added a host of risk-mitigating processes to ensure the safety of all concerned. These include the agent:

  • Having property listing inquiries and showing requests go directly to the listing agent so that they can determine the buyer’s intent and level of interest, and also go over listing in greater detail.
  • Ensuring that the prospective buyer has viewed the MATTERPORT 3D Virtual Tour. This high-tech Interactive Virtual Tour provides potential buyers around the world a first-hand on-site experience. Allowing them to virtually walk through the home to get a feel for the floor plan, and flow of the property, it is second only to being there!
  • Determining what the prospective buyer’s current circumstances are, including buying needs, timeframes, and financial means.

If the above are all positive, the listing agent can then arrange a showing directly with the seller and accompany the prospective buyer and agent to the property, arriving ahead of time to turn on lights, open doors, and cabinets, eliminating the need for anyone to touch surfaces.  The agent can ensure the visitors are all wearing protective masks and remove their shoes at the door.

Showing Real Estate in the age of COVID-19 is more complicated, but with the right processes in place, it need not be riskier.

What can you do?

  • If you’re considering listing your home in the greater Charlotte County Area, contact the MLSDetectves Group at RE/MAX Achor. Consistently ranked among the top 1% of all local Realtors, they practice all the above protocols, including the MATTERPORT 3D Interactive Virtual Tours for all of their clients, something they’ve done for years. Contact: Curt Mellon @ Curt@MLSDetectives.com, or Call or Text (941) 626-3640.

  • If your home is already listed, have your listing agent contact Virtually There 3D (see below) to have a MATTERPORT 3D Interactive Virtual Tour created for your home & listing. Nothing shows off your home more than a virtual walk-through tour!

Call or Text Mike Federau @ (941) 626-3569